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    Color Crash is an exciting 2D game where you navigate through levels by tilting your phone and collecting same colored blocks to increase your score.


    It's available now for download on iOS and Android.


  • Screenshots and Trailers

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The Colors

    Choose from 3 unique colors to collect the colored blocks! Master collecting the same colored blocks to increase your score!

    Color Crashing

    Watch out for the uncolored blocks or you will Color Crash into them!

    Exciting Levels

    Have fun with the unique created levels. Can you get to the Very Hard Levels?

    Want to see the fun?

    Check out the Trailer!

  • Can You Avoid the Crash?

    Available Now on iOS and Android!

  • Color Crash Editions

    Choose the one right for you!

    Free Edition


    With Ads

    Available on Android and iOS

    89 Unique Levels

    Gold Edition

    $0.99 USD

    No Ads

    Available on Android and iOS

    All the Free Edition Levels + Bonus Levels


  • The Creators

    We've got a top notch team!

    Miguel Larreynaga

    Project Manger /UI Developer

    Miguel is a graduate student in the Digital Game Design Program at Long Island University-Post. Miguel's inspiration to develop games came from working with children with special needs, who use games as tools to learn. Miguel was the Project Manger and focused on many tasks from ensuring the team was on track to creating the User Interface/Visuals for the game to Deploying the game.

    Scott Tongue

    Lead Programmer

    Scott is a graduate student in the Digital Game Design Program at Long Island University-Post. He specializes in developing VR games. When Scott is not creating awesome games, he enjoys spending time riding his horse. Scott as Lead Programmer, focused on creating the Back-End Tools that helped drive the creation of the game.

    Ruiqi Yang

    Programmer/Ad Specialist

    Ruiqi is a graduate student in the Digital Game Design Program at Long Island University-Post. Ruiqi's awesome programming and juicing skills helped in developing the particle effects and animations. Ruiqi also focused in applying and setting up the Ads for the game. 

    Ruiqi enjoys playing a lot of different genre of games. FPS and RPG are the games he enjoys the most. Ruiqi hopes someday he can have a chance to make great game, like Fallout, and the Last of Us.


    T.J. Yatchum

    UX Developer/Level Designer

    T.J. is an undergraduate student in the Computer Science Program with a minor in Digital Game Design at Long Island University-Post. T.J. enjoys playing various fighting games. His current favorite fighting game is Guilty Gear. T.J.'s unique perception on game feel ensured that the game felt smooth for the player, as well as creating all the fun levels you get to play!

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